5 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Web Agency

From storefronts to marketing, everything is going digital nowadays. However, to do be fully effective in the digital age, you need a great website to complement your efforts. You might consider getting a top web agency to help you with it, but with the range of choices available, it might be difficult to single out the best web agency for you.

Choosing a good website agency can be tough, and a wrong choice can set your budget back and screw up your timeline. To help you out in deciding the right web agency for you, here are 5 factors to consider before you make your decision:

Plan Beforehand

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. As cheesy as it sounds, this holds true before you pick a web agency as well.

Determine the exact website you need (i.e. eCommerce, blog, corporate website or microsite), what functions/features you require and the timeline you are looking at. This will help you decide the agency that can cater to your needs with the most accurate budget.

The most important aspect of that planning is probably your budget. For budgeting, there are two types of contracts, namely hourly and project-based costing. Both will have different benefits and features, and it will be important to know the respective additional costs as well. (i.e. hosting, technical support)

Mobile Responsiveness

With almost 50% of website traffic coming from mobile, having a responsive website is critical for any business and brand. Hence, ensure that the website is responsive across all devices and screens before choosing any web agency. There’s also an added bonus of improving your SEO rankings with this feature as well, with a renewed focus by Google’s algorithms.

Check Their Portfolio

Most, if not all, established agencies have an extensive portfolio for your purview. This will provide insights into their design and programming capabilities, as well as a good gauge for your decision making.

While browsing their portfolio, look out for these important factors: good UI/UX and user-centered design, clean and aesthetically pleasing designs, variations in design, no programming errors and extensive programming features.

You can also look for works they have done for similar clients and industries to determine if they are able to create something for you. Or, look for a website that is close to the feel and vibe you are looking for.

Services They Offer

When choosing a web agency, it will be important to look at the additional services they offer with the website.

We mean services like search engine optimisation (SEO), content strategies and information architecture. Not every website agency provides these critical services that boost your website, especially SEO.

The same goes for the support they provide after the website is completed. Is there training provided for the content management system to add and update content? What is the cost and the level of support provided, and the turnaround time required for future changes?

It will also be a bonus if there are digital services beyond website development, such as effective digital marketing. You will require digital services in the future, and it would be easier to work with someone you already had a good relationship so you won’t have to familiarise yourself again.

Monitor Communications With Them

Before you partner with or employ an agency, it will be important to observe the communication with them. Communications often times can make or break a partnership. How do you feel when you are going back and forth with them? Is there a healthy exchange of information or a one-sided affair? Do they feel genuine?

As there will be a lot of communications throughout any partnership, it is essential that you can understand and click with one another. This is to ensure that the project can be delivered smoothly and the way you envision it.

Looking for a web agency that checks all of these factors? Speak to our team to get your project started quickly.

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