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People don’t buy products, people buy brands. That’s what good branding does for your business. In a competitive global market, good branding gets you remembered through a positive brand recall, and sends your market share skyrocketing.

Our core branding principles are centred around the following

Creating A Brand Story

It all starts somewhere

Creating A Brand Story

Every brand starts with an origin. A story of sorts. A brand story doesn’t have to be compelling, but it has to be genuine. And we’re here to project them in the best light for you through storytelling. Gathering human interest or creating branded interactions may involve video production and photography services from the experts, and the folks here at I Concept come all prepped with the skills and resources. All these should be complemented with a sound digital marketing strategy, too. Then voila! It all comes together perfectly in synergy. Your brand voice will and should come through strongly here.

Shaping A Brand Image

Creative, corporate design and iconography

Shaping A Brand Image

This revolves around the creative design and symbolic aspects of the brand. From the nitty-gritty like creating a brand colour, brand logo down to the more detailed creation of style guides, corporate identity guides and iconography, having these locks down your brand identity and govern the way you look, sound and are perceived in the eyes of your customers. Whether you’re a fresh startup or a business looking for a rebrand, an expert’s help goes a long way. After all, people are visual creatures aren’t they?

Nurturing Brand Behaviour

Influencing lifestyle, behaviour, values and attributes

Nurturing Brand Behaviour

We call this creating a brand belief and establishing a brand personality for both customers and internal employees. After all, beliefs are intrinsic values, but they often can be nurtured. Great brands of today sell beyond their products and services, but rather a lifestyle. Great companies accentuate their branding through community-building, which is achieved through digital marketing efforts which include the likes of social media management. Through effective branding strategies and compelling copywriting, our digital branding strategists who are Registered Management Consultants (RMCs) will work with you to make your strategic aspirations come to life.

From creating a brand personality, brand architecture to crafting the whole brand story, effective branding allows your customers to immerse in a meaningful user experience as they embark on the journey with you.

As maestros in the field of branding (and rebranding), we are dedicated to planning and executing a wholesome brand experience for your business. Let us bring your imagination and brand aspirations to life through our user-driven branded interactions branding model.

Break new verticals and achieve the best branding for your business.

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