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3 Key Focus For Any Effective Website Design in Malaysia

While the beauty of a design is in the eye of the beholder, good website design is clear to any visitors at first glance and it goes beyond appealing design and interactive features. Great website design helps with your marketing efforts and improves the credibility of your brand. 

With that being said, many businesses still struggle with getting their website design right, which is why we’ve decided to write up something to help. Here are 4 things to focus on for your website design to ensure that it can achieve the goals and objectives of your brand:

Focus On UI/UX Principles

In order to have an effective web design in Malaysia, you need to cater for a great user experience. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) principles are the foundation to achieve that. 

Great UI/UX design begets great user experiences, which in turn increases the effectiveness of your website design. 

By providing clear content hierarchy, consistency in design and accessibility and control for users, you’re able to have a website design that is not only great for the user but also great for your revenue. 

If you’re looking for a Malaysian web developer, definitely approach one who bases their website design in strong UI/UX principles. 

Focus On A Mobile-Responsive Website Design

Not only should your web design adhere to UI/UX principles, but it should also cater to the critical need of visitors to your website. This refers to the understanding of the platforms and mediums they are using to view your website. 

With the number of mobile Internet users consistently rising with every year, it becomes paramount for any web design to be mobile-responsive. It’s an often-repeated mantra in today’s mobile-first era. 

There’re a few types of responsive web design to consider, and each affects the UX of your site differently. Given the array of devices and screen sizes available nowadays, mobile-responsive website design is the perfect solution that accommodates all of your users’ needs. 

It’ll be best to approach a responsive web design company in Malaysia to help you along. 

Focus on Your Website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Every brand wants to be featured on the first page of Google, but not every brand knows how to get there. It’s no surprise given the visibility, recognition and awareness that a first-page result affords for websites on it. 

To increase the traffic and number of visitors to your website, the web design should be built with a focus on SEO. By ensuring all of the content (i.e. headers, descriptions) are keyword-focused and fully indexable, it will allow Google’s bots to crawl and find each of these keywords to rank your website higher. 

The website design is your base, and you’ll need to build on it by having consistent content and posts with strategic keywords placement. Having a blog within your website design is especially effective and ideal for SEO rankings, trust us, we would know. 

There’s a lot of work to be done for the effects of good SEO, and it could be better to approach SEO experts for a website audit. 

Our Focus: A Good Website Design For You

We understand the intricacies required for a good and effective website design. In fact, we preach all of these above-mentioned points to all of our team members. Want to achieve a website design that works? Speak to our team to get started today!


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