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3 Things A Creative Agency Can Do

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You might have heard this term “creative agency” bandied around a lot, but what does a creative agency do or mean? 

A creative agency in Malaysia essentially provides innovative solutions. Be it a brand revamp, social media campaign or even photos and videos. Creative agencies are responsible for what your advertisement will look and feel like.

In that regard, here are 4 ways a creative agency can help your brand or organisation.

Provide Big Ideas

Branding strategies provided by creative agencies have to be stronger than ever in this increasingly saturated media environment. Being able to provide a variety of creatives like style guides, corporate identities, logos and great website design is part of providing branded interactions. Creative agencies specialise in story-telling and copywriting, setting the global strategy to bring the best out of each brand, partner or client they work with.

Adopt the Agile Approach

Work processes are a key factor in productivity and empowering employees to be as creative as possible while creating a safe environment to freely share ideas and opinions. One such approach that allows that is the Agile approach in an agency setting which focuses on:

  • Human interaction over utilising tools to communicate
  • Working closely with clients to achieve the objective
  • Being fluid and adaptable

What is this agile approach you might ask? Well, it increases efficiency by enabling teams to work together freely, thereby streamlining work for both partners to enhance the creative process and achieve targets.

Run Branded Social Media Campaigns

Branded social media campaigns are a great way to check out the creative agency’s strength. Be it static posts, GIFs, video content or influencer engagement, creative agencies should be your one-stop-shop for it all. Executing social media campaigns today can range from facebook posts to on-ground activations, social movements and riding on digital trends like utilising Tik-Tok to reach a variety of audiences. A creative agency does not limit itself and adapts to the environment.

Being the Right One

During the creative process, there has to be synergy between the creative agency and the client to get the best work yet. Being able to understand your business, strengths and weaknesses is a key trait for creative agencies to have. Here at I Concept, we take the time to understand how you do your business and why you do it and how we can value-add by marrying our creativity with your data.

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