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5 Modern Rules Of Website Design in 2019

The rules of the past can no longer be applied in present, and this statement holds true for website design as well. The worst thing you can do in this digital age is to remain stagnant, especially for your web design.

You need to keep moving forward if you want to stand out from the competition and ensure that your business reaps the rewards of high traffic and conversions.

Ensuring that your website design stays up-to-date is the way to go, and you need to follow the modern rules of web design. Want your website to stay contemporary? These are the 5 modern rules of website design that you should adhere to:

Strong but simple colour palette

There is only one place to begin when it comes to any web design in Malaysia, and that is with the colour palette. With a variety of colours and shades to select from, it is easy to get carried away.

Incorporating too many colours can be visually distracting for users viewing your website, which is why the vast majority of modern websites only incorporate two or three colours at the most.

If you’re strong in the aesthetic and colour sense, there’re a lot of tools online to help you choose your colour palettes such as Coolors and Canva.

Design for the user first

It’s all about the user in modern websites, which means you need to approach the web design with a user-centred focus.

The easiest way is to adhere to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design principles, such as providing clear information hierarchy, user control and intuitive interactive buttons.

By having a user-centred website design, you can offer a great user experience on your site that is more likely to influence and persuade users to perform the intended action.

Struggling with this? It’ll be wise to approach a UX-focused web design company in Malaysia to help craft an effective website design for you.

Relevant call-to-action (CTA)

At the heart of high conversion rates for web design in Malaysia is an intently designed CTA button.  Aside from colours, you also need to carefully consider your CTAs.

Effective CTA buttons need to attract the attention of the users at the right time. You achieve that by using the right contrast of colours and positioning it strategically on your website.

Your main CTA should be of a different colour that jumps out as compared to the background and placed at various locations such as above the fold and at the bottom of the page.

Faster loading speeds

Design is not only about what you see, but it is also about the entire website experience and an important component is optimising the loading speed of your website.

Besides compressing your images for web browsers for hi-res images at low storage space, you need to account for interactive elements such as videos and animations in your web design.

As much as possible, minimise the number of interactive elements in your web design to ensure a smoother user experience on your site. This is because loading speed is a huge factor in Search Engine Optimisation, which will affect how high your website will rank on search engines. 

Hence, our web developers are especially attuned to this aspect of Malaysia web designs in the programming stage.

Embrace the white space

White space was considered a bad thing in the past, but that is certainly not the case today. White space is simply the empty spaces in your website design.

Regardless of the amount of content you need to show your target audience, it is very important to ensure your website is organised and easy to digest. That is where white spaces come in. 

Acting as a barrier between all of the other elements, white space helps to make the content more legible and prevent users from browsing through your content too quickly.

The most important rule: Only approach experienced and modern website design companies

With so much to consider, it might be easier for you to approach a professional team that is adept at building websites in Malaysia. However, you should only find one that is capable of giving you an effective web design. When you look for an unproven web design agency, you run the risk of wasting resources and funds without anything to show for it.

Contact an experienced team of web designers in Malaysia today!

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