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5 Obstacles To User-Friendly Website Design

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Improved website design is subjective but improvements to the user-friendliness of a website’s design can be easily identified, which makes it that much more important to get it right. In many instances, user-friendly designs take a back seat to their fancier counterparts. 

Aesthetic web design does make it easier to sell, but user-friendly sites make it easier to buy. You shouldn’t just have one without the other. 

If you care about providing better user experience, you might want to note down and remove these obstacles to user-friendly designs of websites on yours:

Shoddy Mobile Adaptability

With 90% of internet users coming from mobile, mobile adaptability has become mandatory for all Malaysia websites. To cater to a largely mobile audience, you need a responsive web design.

A website design that accommodates the various screen sizes of the Malaysian digital population, mobile-responsive web development offers more than just seamless user experience. 

Added benefits include faster loading speeds, improved search engine rankings and ultimately increased mobile traffic. 

Misuse of Colours and Fonts

Colours and fonts construct the backbone of websites – great first impressions on web designs in Malaysia are formed based on them, all of the content and Call-To-Action (CTAs) on your site are also reliant on them.

When your content is illegible and unintelligible, it’s often attributed to poor contrast of colours and misused fonts. Improving the user-friendliness can be as simple as choosing the right typography and colour palette for your website design. 

It really is the basics of website design. If the web design company you employed can’t even achieve this, RUN. Then, engage someone else.

Lack of Affordance 

Affordance is all about intuitiveness and all around us. A handle on a door affords pulling, a button on control panel affords pressing, a knob on a stove affords turning etc.

User-friendly website design grasps the importance of affordance and ensures that every affordable action is clearly indicated in each element.

By integrating affordance into your web design, users can understand and use your site from a single look. That’s a successful design.

Want to make your web design more effective? Speak to an experienced web developer in Malaysia

Messy Layout

Following a systematic layout has become a thing of the past, with fancier and creative web designs being employed in Malaysia. Still, the principles of web design that caters to users should not be foregone in the pursuit of creativity. 

For instance, an abundance of white space should still be present and those that lack white space in its design usually covers essential elements, which hurts user-friendliness and User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX).

Messy layouts are practically counter-intuitive and most UI/UX designers would advise against it. Never forgo UI/UX if given a choice. 

Slipshod Navigation

A critical characteristic of user-friendly website design is clear and straightforward navigation

Users that come to your site are looking to achieve a goal and the navigation in your site works like a staircase by providing the steps to do that. 

Slipshod navigation would be equivalent to providing broken steps and stopping users from getting to where they need to be. They shouldn’t have to jump through burning hoops on your site.

Awful navigation ruins the experience for your users. 

Approach A Web Developer With Strong UI/UX Principles

Don’t let these obstacles stop you from achieving an effective website design for your brand through a smooth user experience. Engage a web developer in Malaysia that has strong UI/UX sense for user-friendly web design today!

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