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5 Steps To Choose The Right Website Design Agency

Many website development companies in Malaysia will promise you top-notch designs befitting of the latest trends, but there have been many cases of agencies who fail to meet the deadlines and expectations that were set.  

With the multitude of agencies available on the market nowadays, it can be tough trying to figure out the best one for you. Choosing the wrong one will end up wasting your time and resources.

We understand the struggle that most of you go through. To help you through the process, here are 5 steps you have to take before you can choose the right website design agency.

1) List out your website goals.

Before you start hunting for a website design agency, you need to know the purpose of your website. Having a creative web design is good, but it should not be your main priority.

To ensure that your users can perform the desired actions, create a user journey with clear objectives in mind before contacting any agencies.

If you want certain features to be included, you need to first be sure of what they are for and how they can help you build a useful site to meet your goals.

2) Create your personalised list of agencies.

When it comes to shortening that long list of agencies to choose from, Google should become your go-to tool to rely on.

The search engine will help filter out the agencies that are not relevant to you and even suggest various ranked lists of different agencies. After a few simple searches, you should be able to narrow down the list of choices and options.

If they are able to rank their own websites within the first few pages, they are more likely to be well-versed in SEO techniques and able to help you achieve similar results.

3) Assess their work portfolio. Carefully.

Every established web design agency should have a decent website of their own to prove that they can help you build a good one. For anyone looking for an agency to build their website, the most important element of their website to focus on is their portfolio.

When reviewing portfolios, remember to take note of these 2 key points:

  • What do they specialise in? Be mindful if they have never designed a website for a brand in your industry before.
  • Do their past designs appeal to you? If you don’t like their style, you should consider moving onto another agency.

4) Take the time to read their online reviews.

Low ratings and poor reviews are tell-tale signs for you to move onto another agency.

Not only do online reviews tell you about an agency’s work ethics, but they also illustrate the first-hand experience of their past clients. If they have substandard testimonials, you know that they are not ideal to work with.

Reviews, coupled with portfolios, establish an agency’s credibility and ability to satisfy their clients – who, in this case, is you.

5) Ask questions!

Narrowing down your list to agencies that provide excellent service is not the end. The last step is to speak to each agency personally to establish a common ground.

From telling them your key goals or getting to know what they can do, this is the time to ask them all the questions you have and help them understand your needs.

This is also a valuable opportunity for you to get to know them on a personal level and build a relationship for a potential collaboration.      

Now, it’s time to choose.

There is no shortcut to choosing the right website design agency when it comes to building the website for your brand. All the time spent will be worthwhile when they show you the website of your dreams.

Now that you have all the information you need, it becomes easier to choose the agency that best fits your needs.

If you are looking for a quality website design agency in Malaysia, get started with our team of professionals.

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