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A Guide To Preparing Project Plans For Customisable Systems

customised system for automated online platforms

“Wow so difficult, what to write ah?” is something we also face when preparing project plans. So worry not and look no further! This is a quick guide on how to prepare a project plan for customised systems that we can help you build. 

Let’s jump straight in!

Project overview

This segment helps us to gain a better understanding of the project scope that you want to undertake! Having a macro view of your project allows us to provide you with our professional consultation on overall system flow UI/ UX planning.

Things to include in this segment:

  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Goals of this project 
  • Extra top-level information

Sample from an automated scheduling platform:

In this proposal, the project outlined will:

  • Help our company transform our manual-intensive planning operations to a more efficient, automated and centralised planning and tracking programme
  • Build an Automated Planning Programme which aims to shorten the process of goods sorting as well as vehicle and route planning.

Our goals are to build a system that can:

  • Automate, streamline and standardise many of our current manual recruitment workflow processes;
  • Decrease time spent manually entering information into the system
  • Build a system that can sort according to different factors.
  • Enhance communication efficiency within the company by building a cloud-based programme.
  • Enable deliveries and billings to be easily tracked.


When describing your current pitfalls, share in-depth how and why this happened because extra insights can be gleaned. We can use these challenges to help craft our problem statement to give you a solution that encompasses all your needs. 

Providing us with your current challenges also helps us to find opportunities where your new website design, web portal or system automation can succeed and cover gaps in your current business. It can even cover gaps that you didn’t know existed. Think about that.

Sample from an automated scheduling platform:

Challenges for an automated scheduling platform:

  • High cost of operations
  • Wastage of manpower
  • Human error during scheduling
  • Failure to meet capacity for movers
  • Important staff on medical leave
  • Lack of available tools in the industry


Having this section describes the functions of what sets your site apart from the rest! Whether you want certain functions automated or an innovative new design for websites, we can definitely help make those features a reality. To help, you can even break it into ‘Must-Have’ and ‘Good To Have’ features. 

We can also discuss the details in-depth like programming and special functions as well!

Sample from an automated scheduling platform:

Must-have Features

Good-to-have Features

  • Multiple log-in roles – Admin, General Public, Job Seekers, Employers
  • A customisable dashboard for admins
  • A blog page for SEO friendly articles
  • Disability-friendly buttons
  • Contact Us page
  • Quiz form
  • Animated scrolling features
  • Chatbot
  • Responsive sliders
  • Interactive videos

User Roles

In this section, tell us the kind of individuals or audiences that will be using the site. Are they admin roles, viewers or contributors. 

Sample roles from a product marketplace platform:

  • Administrator – Able to manage and edit all settings, comments and posts.
  • Moderator – Able to moderate comments and posts.
  • Seller – Publish and sell items on the platform
  • Buyer – Basic account rights, able to view, chat and purchase items.
  • Analyst – Able to view back-end data to analyse purchasing trends and history
  • Customer Service – Provide assistance to Sellers and Buyers who need help

Hopefully, by this short intro, you can get a better idea of the roles you might need or foresee!

Sample website (functional inspirations if any)

Share with us examples of, or inspiration from similar websites which showcase the same business model and a short write-up why! 

For example, 

Also, do include how you can tweak these tools to help your new platform.

Sample website (creative direction)

Share with us examples or inspiration from websites with an interesting User Interface or creative direction which you envision. It could be from sites such as Nike, WebMD, Job portals or even AirBnB!


Last but not least, share with us the process of how you intend to monetise the platform or website’s services as the owner? This also helps us to complete the big picture of what the automated platform or website would be used for and recommend the best functions based on our expertise.

Sample of an event management automated platform:


Current Result

Estimated Improvement

Answering Leads

2 – 3 man-hours/week

25 – 30 mins/week (85%)

Invoice Generation

10 – 14 man-hours/week

0 man-hours/week (100%)

Logistics Ordering 

5 – 10 man-hours/week

S$X,500 – S$XXX,000/week

1 – 2 man-hours/week (80%)

S$X,000 – S$XXX,000/week (30%)

Project Delivery

Participant Satisfaction Score: 5

Participant Satisfaction Score: 8 (60%)

Total Improvements:

Productivity: 70%

Cost-Effectiveness: 30%

Project Quality: 60%


Commission breakdown from current Malaysian online marketplace platforms:


Registration Fee

Commission Fee

Payment Gateway Fee

Carousell MY




Shopee MY


3-5% + 2%*


Qoo10 MY

Purchase of 100 Q*Coin



Lazada MY




*Transaction fee based on the final amount paid by buyer 

We hope this has given you some insights on how to better prepare your project plan. Nonetheless, we’re always here to make your projects a reality and your digital dreams come true. Contact us for your happily ever after!

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