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Dos & Don’ts Of Website Design

Whether you are looking to become a successful company, brand, or individual, getting your website design right is vital to projecting an enhanced and professional image. As a web design agency ourselves, we understand the importance of website design to businesses. 

Your website design can help you to effectively reach your audience and impact your success in many ways. Whatever your message may be and whatever you’re trying to achieve, the tips below can help you to create the best website design imaginable. 

To help you achieve the best website design your brand deserves, here’s a list of dos and don’ts of website design to guide you. 

Do: Keep Your Interface Consistent 

A consistent interface is a must-have for good user experience. The overall look of your site needs to be consistent in terms of colour schemes, typefaces, navigation, and style of writing. This is to ensure that users are able to recognise and interact with your website to reach their desired end result.

Do: Design Easy To Use Navigation

Navigation is a crucial part of usability. Having good navigation on your site ensures that everybody can easily find what they are looking for in the quickest amount of time.

In order to ensure your target audience acts according to plan, intuitive navigation becomes significantly important. If users are unable to navigate in your website, they would not hesitate to navigate out of your website.

Do: Make It Easy For Visitors To Scan Your Pages

Most users scan pages rather than carefully go through everything on it – but this doesn’t mean you should cut corners in terms of content and quality. 

Instead, you need to make your pages scannable with good visual hierarchy. This means concentrating on arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance, such as where a user should focus first, second, etc. 

Do: Take Your Content Seriously 

Not many website designs in Malaysia focus on the copywriting, which is an often-overlooked element. However, your copy is just as important as the other visual elements on your website. 

A designer’s job is to make sure that the design aids and complements the content. Your site might be beautiful, but without content, it’s merely an empty shell. That’s why we are one of the rare few agencies that provide copywriting services along with website design. 

Don’t: Make Users Wait Too Long

Loading time is one of the most important aspects of user experience. People are becoming more impatient, with 47% of users expecting a page to load in less than 2 seconds. If your page takes longer than 2 seconds to load, they are bound to leave your site before anything shows up.

Don’t: Limit Your Users In How They Can Access Your Site

Your site should be responsive in 2019. Visitors of your website are using various devices to enter your site, whether that’s a tablet, phone, watch, or even a traditional desktop. A big part of making sure users are satisfied is for vital information to be displayed correctly on various screen sizes. 

In fact, we believe that this should a requirement for all websites in this digital adage, where everyone is using on various devices and different screens. 

Don’t: Forget To Test Your Design

You might think your design is great, but you can’t know that for sure unless you get feedback from real users. Testing your web design and getting feedback from a few unbiased users will really help the finished design.

Don’t: Use Too Many Colors 

Rainbow colours may look nice in the sky, but they do not belong on a professional website. Your design needs to be balanced, and you can’t achieve that by using every colour you can find. The more colours you use, the harder it is to achieve a balanced look. 

In fact, you should focus on the message you wish to convey and select a few complementing colours that reflect and accentuate your branding. There are a few colour pickers and colour palette generators that can help you get started.

Get Yourself A Web Design That Stands Out In Malaysia

With so many websites in Malaysia, your design becomes critical in helping your brand stand out. If you need help in getting website design, contact a web design company in Malaysia who specializes in making phenomenal website designs. 

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