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Optimising User Experience in Web Design

Optimising User Experience in Web Design

Be it a website, mobile application or even video games, User Experience (UX) can be applied to almost anything. Defined by the interaction between a user and a product or service, UX is all about making every interaction for the user count. UX designers in Malaysia go through various processes such as market research, crafting a strategy and eventually designing to make meaningful and relevant experiences for users. Here are some best practices to optimise UX in website design!

Think complex, but execute simple

Think functionality – make your menu bar visible and Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons in UX design even more prominent. You don’t wish to complicate things for your web visitor and for your design to result in high conversion rates as much as possible. By offering simple and clear navigation options, it not only allows them to take the desired actions, but it also encourages users to make repeat visits to the website. Deliberate the steps a user will take, or more so, the steps you wish for them to take on your website. From thereon, determine which elements of your website is necessary and vital for them to arrive at that conclusion. You could also conduct usability tests to determine if certain elements need to be tweaked before users finally navigate around the website the way you would prefer them to.

Understanding Your Audience

Identify your audience’s potential needs and wants and tick them off one by one. Also, consider your audience’s demographics to fully map out user flow. From there, create user personas and consider what these personas are trying to attain with the help of your product or service. This can help to narrow down a website that is designed to best suit their needs.

This includes being mindful about making your website mobile responsive. A website needs to be able to be adept to look stunning on both desktop and mobile. Have a chat with our team if you’re looking for a responsive website designer and developer.

Compelling yet Functional

It’s important to pick out web design or UX design trends and stay on top of them. But it is never really necessary to incorporate them all! Provide a clear and consistent design while being creative at it. Lay out the foundation of your website, then explore creative elements to enhance the aesthetics of your website. Ultimately, functionality is of priority and a stunning website can only be stunning if it serves its purpose. Discover how you could explore visual hierarchy for your website and make certain elements the focal point of your website to avoid visual monotony.

No doubt, websites have grown to be distinctively complex as compared to before. But only one thing remains and that is how the user feels towards your website. It’s not all about the aesthetics or what the clients want anymore – it’s about what the users want. Engage our team of dedicated individuals to accomplish an astonishing, user-centred design.


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