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The Next Big Thing For Website Design in 2019

We all want to be ahead of the trends not behind them, and the same goes for our website. If you want your website design to stand out, then it’s only natural to look out for the next big thing to put yourself in a position to succeed. 

Following trends doesn’t always translate to success, which is why it takes bravery to try and apply them. This is especially so when these trends severely violate website design principles and affect user experience on the site itself. 

With our experience as a web developer in Malaysia, we hope to curate a list that is more likely to put your business ahead of your competition:

#1: Virtual Reality (VR)

We’re already starting to see some businesses use elements of virtual reality in their website designs. For instance, hotels and property websites are providing visitors full 3D view tour of their property without even setting foot on the premises. 

VR is also being used in various educational displays and onsite games to keep visitors engaged. Engagement has been the key metric in website designs, and VR could be just the way to help with that. 

With more and more successful implementations of VR in 2019, we fully expect this to become more common in web design as the technology’s adoption spreads.

Engaging campaigns and interactive digital marketing has always been some of our favourite projects to work on. If you’re on the lookout for an agency that can create interactive campaigns for your brand, why not approach our digital marketing team?

#2: Voice-based Interfaces

While voice technology has been around for a better half of decades, it’s still under-utilised in web designs generally. The same kind of voice and command recognition that is already widely used in mobile apps and by smart devices like Alexa could quickly become a mainstay in websites in the coming future. 

When it comes to UI/UX, the ability to speak and have a website immediately find the page or function that you’re looking for could do wonders for engagement and conversion.

Another key to its impending expansion is the need for an inclusive experience. As more and more voices pitch for accessible technology for the less-abled community, the implementations of voice-based interfaces can become the immediate stop-gap solution in website designs. 

#3: Motion UI

Our interactions with websites could soon be changing as well. Rather than directing users to the content and features they want, you can bring the content directly to them through a feature called motion UI. 

In contrast with the common static web page, website designs can incorporate motion UI for hovers, animations and charts to create a much smoother, more beautiful experience. 

Remember, interaction is the key to success in the new digital adage. 

As long as it’s not excessively used, motion UI is perfect for any modern brands looking for a clean, intuitive touch in their web designs.

Make Your Website The Next Big Thing

To create a website design that stands out, you’ll need a web design company in Malaysia that keeps up-to-date with the trends and understands the principles of UI/UX design. 

Well, look no further and engage our team to make your website the next big thing!

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