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Web Designer & Web Developer – What’s The Difference

Websites these days can range from a simple one-page microsite to complicate eCommerce website design with a multitude of products available. If you’re managing a brand, you’ll need either a spanking new website or a website revamp at some point.

When you do, chances are you’ll run into the terms ‘web designer’ and ‘web developer’. They could easily mean the same thing, as they are both part of the website creation process. 

Feeling confused? We’re here to clear things up!

The Key Difference: Web Designer & Developer

The distinction between the two lies in the skills they bring to the table and the areas of the website design they work on. Designers configure the visual and interface aspects of the website, creating the look and feel as well as the user experience of the website. On the other hand, a developer builds the website itself at the core level, using coding and programming to create its essential structure and bring the design to life. 

While the web developer relies on in-depth knowledge of programming and coding to make the website functional, the designer has the vision for how the website will be visually presented right down to the user’s interactions. 

Both parties are just as crucial to creating a website from the ground up, and you’ll need one or both depending on your expertise and how much of your website is already built or designed. 

However, there are also different categories for both developers and designers, as well.

Types of Web Developers

Building each element of the website are the web developers. They put all the blocks down and help materialise the visions of the site’s functionality and design to life, whether it is the designer’s or the clients. 

Rather, their focus is making sure that the website works, runs smoothly, loads quickly, and is secure and responsive to multiple devices.

Because of the different elements of a website, there are also different respective types of specialised website developers. Here are the main three categories:

  • Back-end Web Developer: Experts in scripting languages like SQL and C#, they work on the parts of the website that aren’t seen by the user. This can include databases for the resources the website uses, web servers, fixing bugs, and testing the functionality.
  • Front-end Web Developer: These professionals of HTML, CSS, and other web languages work on client-side development: the stuff that visitors can see. This includes creating elements that visitors will interact with, like plug-ins and lead forms. 
  • Full-stack Web Developer: The all-round expert of web development, full-stack developers work on every aspect of the website – the back-end, front-end, and every layer in between.

Types of Web Designers

If the web developer is the construction crew, then meet the architect: web designer. In charge of interior designer and landscape, their concern is with making sure that the functionality of the website meets the client’s goals for it. 

Web designers focus on the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)  – how it looks, how it feels, and the visitor’s journey throughout, mapped out and completed with their help.

Just website developers, there are also different types of web designers. These are some of the few that you might work with:

  • UX Designer: The user experience is effectively the visitor’s journey through the website. Making it as efficient, as effortless, and as time-effective as possible is the goal of the UX designer. This is accomplished by making the navigation and functionality as enjoyable to use for your target audience as possible.
  • UI Designer: The user interface, on the other hand, is how users interact with specific elements of the website. It’s also about the aesthetics of the website. While UX might focus on creating an excellent navigation panel, the UI makes sure that it’s communicated and designed well.
  • Graphic Designer: Websites are, in part, a visual medium. Visual elements frame the content, make the interface stand out, and give imagery to communicate the branding and tone of voice for the entire website. The graphic designer is the one who brings that expertise to the website’s design.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer, Who Do You Need?

After learning of the distinction between the two, you need to figure which one is crucial to bringing your website to life. Essentially, you need to think of whether you need technical expertise or someone to create the final experience of the site. 

Find a web developer if you’re looking to build a website, integrate new features and functions, build contact forms, fix server and hosting issues, improve speed and safety of the site

If visual updates, new web designs, new layouts improvements to navigation, branding updates, updating or editing photos, and videos are what you’re looking for, you need a web designer. 

Starting from scratch? Then you need a team or agency with both web developers and web designers.

Web Designers & Web Developers At Your Service

Once you’ve decided on your budget and goals of your website, you can approach our team of experienced web developers and web designers who’re happy to help you figure out the website your brand deserves, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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