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What Is A Content Management System?

If you’re trying to rank your brand or business’s website on search engines, it’s highly likely that you’re using a Content Management System (CMS) or starting to need one. A CMS system streamlines the creation, publishing and management of content on your website, which is often used in brand’s blogs. 

Before deciding on any CMS system, the key component you should look out for is the Content Management Application (CMA). CMA refers to the interface that allows you to create, manage and modify the content. 

To help you better understand what CMS is and the benefits it offers, we’ve specially prepared a comprehensive guide for your perusal.


What Features Do Content Management Systems Offer?

While every CMS system has its own unique set of features and services that you can take advantage of, these are the basic features that you can expect:

  • Media Upload – Most content management systems allow you to utilise different types of media, such as videos and images to complement your content. Visuals are important in blogs, as it provides visual breaks for lengthy text blocks and helps better explain your point.  
  • Intuitive Indexing – When updating and designing your website, a good CMS affords the indexing of all the content so that it can be easily found whenever you need it. Website visitors should be able to easily search for the content they want, using various attributes like published date, and keywords.
  • Revision Features – After publishing your content, a good CMS will allow you to review and make any edits if you need to. This feature should track any revisions made so that you can see how your content has changed over time. 
  • Publishing Features – A lot of CMS offer a wide range of template designs that you can use to publish your content. This is often tied together with the website’s design. You can also use various tools to personalize your site’s design further. 


WordPress, Our Choice of Content Management System

Compared to the other CMS, WordPress is the preferred CMS for us. Its user-friendliness and adaptability make it a big hit with both bloggers and companies, especially if you don’t have much tech experience.

With the various templates and designs available for crafting a good website design, you can easily upload content that is presentable and aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, WordPress is also good for the following reasons:

Open Source And Free – One of the biggest reasons for WordPress’s popularity amongst bloggers is because it is free to use. It’s open-source as well, which allows users to continually add their own cool templates and tools. However, to take advantage of some of its more sophisticated features, you may be required to pay a small fee. 

  • Different Servers Are Available – There’s also a range of internet hosting service on WordPress, such as or The deciding factor is usually the amount of web traffic you are expecting your site to attract, hence, it would be important to choose wisely. 


The development of a new website will require you to find the right content management system that meets your needs. If you’re looking to create a website with a CMS, you can get in touch with us today and we’ll guide you through the process of our CMS development. Our professional team of web developers who specialise in CMS Design and Development will be ready to take on your CMS requirements!


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