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What Is Mobile-First Website Design?

With the smartphone slowly evolving into a miniature laptop, it’s almost too late to adapt your website design in meeting this craze. The truth is, the emphasis in the present moment is to to have a mobile-first web design.

In fact, the escalation of mobile phone usage in the digital era has already overtaken that of desktops and laptops, marking the turning point for Malaysia web developers moving forward. It’s all about mobile now.

What is a mobile-first website design?

As the name suggests, mobile-first website design is the prioritisation of web design for mobile phones – any website design will be made with smartphone screens in mind, and scaled-up and adapted towards the experience on the desktop browsers.

For many years, web design companies have been slow on the uptake and solely designed for desktop browsers before scaling it down for the mobile experience.

When you consider the dominance of smartphone usage today, you can easily see the rationale behind the mobile-first approach. It delivers an enjoyable user experience to their screens.

Why should I adopt a mobile-first website design?

Besides the popularity of mobile phone, opting for mobile-first website design has become the key in ranking on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Since July of this year, the main search engine, Google, has begun to adopt mobile-first indexing for their search results to match the current mobile trends. As a result, websites have to do the same in both their designs and programming to strengthen or maintain their search rankings.

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As the screen sizes of mobile phones are much smaller, mobile-first web design will require you to omit and prioritise your content accordingly. Most online users are browsing through content quickly, which means that having concise and streamlined content is especially beneficial in attracting and convincing visitors to convert on your website. The best approach is to have an inverse hierarchy content structure.

Mobile-first web design often relies on responsive web design to adapt to the varying sizes of phone screens. Hence, it ensures that your website design provides a seamless user experience for any visitors to your page, regardless of how they view it. In addition, it also means your website loads up faster for any device, which is especially beneficial for lowering bounce rates.

Approach a mobile-first website design company in Malaysia

Being strong advocates for great user experience and effective website design, our team of UX designers has always approach websites while keeping mobile screen sizes in mind. If you’re on the lookout for web designers in Malaysia that can create the website design your brand deserves, speak to our sales team to get started on your journey today!

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