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5 Reasons To Employ A Mobile-First Approach For Website Design

Since the local market share of smartphones completely overtook desktop in June 2019, it became apparent that a focus towards mobile has become ever so important. With the emergence of mobile-first website design, the same focus for mobile has clearly spread to the realm of the digital.

Through a website, you can engage with new prospective customers while keeping your brand at the forefront of existing customers’ minds. As users are always on the go and have more demands on their time and attention, your web design has to adapt accordingly to not risk losing ground to competitors.

To help rethink your approach towards web design, here are the multitude of benefits of mobile-first website design to change your mind:

Leverage on Micro-Moments

Mobile-first web design requires you to sieve out any unnecessary content and emphasise on the value of your brand. This is a perfect setting for brands to leverage on micro-moments in a consumer user journey

During the moments when users are scrolling their smartphones, you would want your website to create an emotional impact within that short window period. Some examples of these micro-moments include;

  • “I want to know” moments
  • “I want to do” moments
  • “I want to learn” moments
  • “I want to buy moments”

A mobile-first design allows your brand to deliver the best user experience in these micro-moments, which helps to sow the seeds of brand loyalty and promote conversions.

Better UX

With a more intuitive UX, mobile-first designs help users access products and information more quickly and easily.

Because it’s built with the needs of mobile users in mind, a mobile-first approach is also a content-first approach and focuses on putting key information front and centre on the smaller screens of smartphones.

The shorter attention span of online users these days are often more attuned to a web design in Malaysia with more streamlined content, which would allow a mobile-first approach to reap more benefits.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Better UX also means better user satisfaction and more positive experiences on your website, which also helps users stay on your site longer.

If users land on your site and find it difficult to navigate on their phone screen they will more than likely bounce away from you and into the open arms of your competitors. Achieving such a feat bodes very well for your bounce rates and subsequently your search engine rankings.

Furthermore, when you design a website with mobile devices in mind, you’re less likely to use data-heavy creatives. This also means your loading time improves across all devices and further reduces bounce rates on your site.

However, mobile-first design is built for easy, intuitive and satisfying use on mobile devices, thereby reducing bounce rates.

Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Following the digital trends, Google understands the importance of a mobile-first experience and adjusted their algorithms to prioritise mobile-first indexing as of last year.

This means that it will rank a website with its mobile version before a desktop version, which means a mobile-first website design will give you a competitive edge over any single website design in Malaysia. Compiled this with the above mentioned reduced bounce rates, mobile-first website design provides more than just a few perks when it comes to SEO.

But did you know that you can do more with your website’s SEO? Simply engage an SEO expert to get your website’s ranking higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Higher Conversion Rates

What do you get when you combine all of the benefits listed? Well, that is an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive web design that converts potential visitors into loyal customers.

The increasing number of available mobile payment channels further cements this fact, while helping more online users perform any action they could do on desktops. Hence, even conversions with requirements of payment could also be completed on mobile devices.

Any web developer in Malaysia should recognise that conversion rates matter to brands, and subsequently design a website that works for your brand and fires on all cylinders.

Take That Next Step Today

As avid online users ourselves, we hope that more brands can take into account the importance of mobile for website designs in Malaysia. Hopefully, we manage to convince more of you to consider a mobile-first, if not a mobile-responsive approach for your website.

If you’re looking for a reliable web design company that can achieve both mobile-responsive and mobile-first web designs, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to hear from your brand on how you envision your website design to be. (;

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