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5 Timeless Website Design Features You Should Have In 2020

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Besides attracting traffic and increasing conversions, an investment in website design can also be made worthwhile if the design can remain relevant and effective for years. While it’s highly effective to tap on web design trends, jumping on every trend bandwagon doesn’t really speak well for your branding.

Trends come and go. As a creative agency and web developer in Malaysia ourselves, we’ve seen some web design trends go from fashionable to outdated to retro over the years. What stays in the hearts and minds of users are intuitive and user-friendly web designs.

Creating a timeless website design for the long term may not be an easy feat, but you’re well on your way if you incorporate these features into your site:

Embedded Menu Bar

Simple and straightforward navigation never goes out of style, and for good reasons. When users land on your website, they want to find out more about your brand and what you have to offer. 

If you’re smart, your home page should not include every detail of every single product/services in your company (more on this later). Users will have to look around and navigate to learn more. 

A sticky menu bar that is usually fixed at the top of your web design caters to this very need, allowing users to go to where they choose to on your site. Whether it’s the Contact Us page, the Product/Services page or the About Us page, there’s no sense in making their lives difficult. 

Strategic & Concise Copy

We get it, there’s so much to your brand – the story behind it, the unique selling points, the benefits of your products/services, etc.. BUT, there’s absolutely no reason for all of that to be on the first page of your site.

Would you read an entire 600-page book to get a single piece of information? Probably not.

Much like the synopsis of an interesting novel, your home page provides a succinct summary of what your brand is and get users hooked to want to learn more. 

You achieve that with strategic yet concise copywriting, which will remain effective in years to come. Bonus points if you make it witty and smart like this:

(Taken from Hostelworld)

Impactful Landing Visuals

First impression matters, especially when it comes to website design in Malaysia.

The first thing a user sees upon landing on your site is the landing page design. So make it impactful, and make it count.

Right from the get-go, your landing visual should tell the users what they stand to benefit from being a customer through a combination of imagery and text. Just ensure that the colours shown within the landing visual correspond with your branding to enjoy the maximum impact.

Once you achieve that, you will have yourself a timeless website design. 

Notice we used the word visuals. If videos are more of your style and it doesn’t slow down your site’s loading speed, give it a whirl!

Attractive Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

A successful CTA calls out to you like an appetising meal on your worst hunger pangs. 

It doesn’t need to be fancy, it simply needs to capture attention. With strong and contrasting colours (preferably from your brand colour palettes) complemented with the right copy, you should be able to get it right.

From our experience as a web designer, CTAs are the key to conversions and actions taken by users. It literally pays to get it right in the long-run.

Responsive Web Design

Electronic devices are coming in all shapes and sizes these days, and a website design that consistently needs to be amended accordingly is not what we call a smart investment. 

The answer: Responsive Web Design.

With wearable technology and the trends of smaller electronic devices, it’s only a matter of time before they become even smaller and smaller.  

A powerful responsive web design adjusts and scales your site’s visual elements according to the screen size, allowing your web design to remain relevant for years to come. 

In The Long Run

Including all of these features are steps in the right direction, but that’s not enough for a truly timeless web design. You need to reinforce them with your branding and ensure that your site incorporates functions to afford customisation for major marketing campaigns across the year. 

Our advice? Invest in a revamp conducted by an experienced website design company in Malaysia for a timeless design that remains effective throughout the years. Drop your potential creative partners a message today!

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