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Creative Agency & Social Media: What Brands Can Expect

Creative Agency & Social Media - Creative Campaigns, Branding Campaigns

Looking at the social media campaigns put out by brands, you’re more likely to attribute them to digital marketing agencies than a creative agency in Malaysia. We don’t blame you, especially since the lines between the various agencies are extremely blurred. In fact, we ourselves transitioned from a web developer to a digital marketing agency, before recently becoming a full-service creative agency. 

Trends and events move fast in social media — you can be staring at a meme one day and doing a new viral challenge in the next.  You’ll need to know what you can get from your partner agency and it’s hard to know what to expect when you engage a creative agency, even much less what they can do for you in a dynamic environment like social media. 

We’re here to help clear the air. Facing so many advertising channels and content, these are what your brand can expect should you decide to approach or engage a creative agency in Malaysia for your social media needs:

Branding Guidelines

It’s all about branding for a creative agency and with branding comes guidelines to ensure the brand identity stays intact throughout each communication channel. The goal of a brand guideline is to serve as a helpful handbook for anyone working on anything related to your brand.

Yes, that includes social media as well. The branding guidelines teach you how to use your brand elements (e.g. logo, tagline, colour palette, fonts), such as the placement, sizing, and coloured versus black-and-white version. All of which ensures your brand is shown the way it’s supposed to in your various social media posts. 

There’re also branding guidelines that go beyond that, by providing art direction and rules to ensure your brand doesn’t stray from its identity. Usually, it comes in the form of mood boards, visual samples and do’s and don’ts, so you don’t use or create any assets that are out of line in your social media content. It will guide your marketing team or other marketing agencies you might have in managing your social media. 

Branding Campaigns

Though it’s not limited to social media, branding campaigns are still heavily reliant on the platform as most of the world is on it. Getting the word out relies on sending the message on where your people are, and for most brands, it’s on social media. 

For any brands undertaking a campaign to rebrand itself, a creative agency is where they will go to. Often accompanied by a reinvention of their logo, a branding campaign positions the brand in a different direction and sets them in a more advantageous situation within the current climate. 

A creative agency delivers something like that through dedicated research and understanding of the existing market, target audience, and communication gaps present between the brand and its audience. From there, the campaign will focus on a shift in messaging and accompanying visuals to match the new branding. 

Revamp of Social Media Page

Representing your brand on social media is based on the various information and visual assets you show on your page, whether it’s the cover image, the logo, the banner for your ‘About Us’ or the tone of the voice in your page. 

In a rebranding, a creative agency will have to revise and edit most of your social media pages outside of past content. This is to ensure a cohesive brand image being portrayed to your target audience so that the impact of the campaign is more authentic and long-lasting. 

Even the ‘About Us’ page? If you want your audience to believe in your new brand identity, then yes. After all, this new shift in direction needs to be consistent and genuine to your audience. You do that by ensuring every single element is aligned to it. Like the old saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new”.

360° Strategy

Creative agencies like us think more long-term and from a broader perspective to come up with the perfect angle for your brand. That goes for any deliverable we’re creating for you, be it the logo or campaign.

The essence of our work is having a 360° brand strategy to anchor them, as compared to many one-off marketing collaterals or other social media marketing campaigns you run for your brand’s social media pages. It goes beyond just one deliverable, but a shift in mindsets of your target audience in the long-run. 

At the end of it, you’ll be distinct from your competitors and carving out your own niche market for your brand within the social media space. Looking at the saturation of content within that space right now, we can safely say that it will be good for your brand. 

Creative Campaigns

‘What’s the difference between branding campaigns and creative campaigns?’, you may ask. The key distinguishing factor lies in the approach and strategy of the campaign — branding campaigns changes and repositions what the core of the brand is, as compared to creative campaigns that seek to enhance the existing image of the brand without changing its core.

Using the aforementioned 360° brand strategy, a creative agency will plan and develop a campaign with the sole purpose of building upon the brand and reinforcing the identity within the target audience group to achieve an objective.

Although they are distinct in their purpose, both creative campaigns and branding campaigns require the same process from a creative agency perspective, involving creativity to solve an existing communication problem. A creative agency like us will excel in both. 

Expect Great, Not Good From A Creative Agency

That’s right. You should expect not just good, but great work from a creative agency, considering what you’re paying them. No, we don’t mean you should be aiming for a discount. After all, we do put in a lot of hours into the research and creative process, but the output has to match the hours. Don’t be shy from exploring different types of options and undergoing an iterative process with your partnering creative agency to get the best out of your brand. 

Sounds good to you? It sounds good to us too. Let’s get your brand on the creative road by giving us a ‘call’

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