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Digital Marketing Cheatsheet For Your Website Design Revamp

Great job on getting your business a brand new look, but now what? For all that effort you’ve put into the revamp of your website design, it wouldn’t mean a thing if no one’s noticing it. 

To successfully put your website revamp on the map, you need a full-fledged digital marketing plan that covers a wide range of platforms and content mediums, pushing it out to your target audience.

Crafting a digital marketing campaign for a web design revamp takes work, but here’s how to make you can make it a little easier:

1. Optimise Your SEO

When it comes to website and visibility, you cannot stray away from the struggle of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Most major website revamps involve some form of content restructuring, which might result in a dip for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

As a result, focusing on your SEO should literally be the first thing on your mind when it comes to marketing for your new website design. For starters, look out for missing/duplicate page titles, H1 tags, meta descriptions and broken links within your website’s architecture. 

Run a simple site crawl with the available free SEO tools to generate an existing SEO score and eliminate the listed errors for an SEO-friendly website. 

Ensure focused keywords are placed within the headers and throughout the website’s information architecture and content. 

Save yourself all that hassle with the help of an SEO agency

2. Plan Regular Content

Still not seeing the results you desire even after working on the SEO of your site? Get an added boost with consistent Content Marketing.

Content marketing revolves around producing SEO-focused content that helps to improve your website’s rankings on SERPs, by introducing the focus keywords into the website.

Craft content that can help your target audiences, such as guides, how-tos, reviews and comparisons, based on your products, services and accompanying keywords. Of course, a grasp of SEO-focused writing would be necessary as you go about doing so. 

You can take this opportunity to generate helpful articles for your customers and express yourself through your brand!

3. Get Creative On Social

If there’s any place to put your brand new web design out there, it’s on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., just take your pick to promote your website. 

Post your new website on your various social media pages and run ads on these posts to reach your target audience, old and new. With a good web developer, a post using your website’s main banner should draw in the eyeballs you need. 

Or, amp it up with an incentivised engagement campaign to drive more of your target audience to your sparkling new website – run giveaways for your newsletter, mini-games based on your website design or create a quiz on your website homepage.

Creativity is unbeaten, so find creative ways to make it engaging for your target audience to check out a good website design

4. Market It On Search 

SEO is great, but you need faster results sometimes. That sounds like a job for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)! 

Forgive the overly dramatic intro, though SEM could really save your website from the pit of low-traffic. With billions of searches every day, having SEM ads allows you to tap into this huge volume of potential online users. 

By targeting keywords that your customers search for, SEM is an extremely potent tool for getting clicks to your website. All you need is a compelling and concise copy that will draw your audience in, alongside the strategic targeting of search keywords and demographics. 

Full-Service Creative Agency At Your Service

Not everyone has the time and resources at their disposal to execute the abovementioned strategies, that’s why you got agencies like us. Our expertise in various digital marketing proposals and vast experience in web design in Malaysia makes us the perfect partner for you. 

Intrigued? Our sales consultants are just a click away.

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