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Our Favourite Stay-Home Campaigns During This COVID-19 Season

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If there’s a time to stay home, it’s now. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, governments all around the world have been clamouring for people to stay home and, many global and local brands are trying to do the same. That means a creative agency in Malaysia like us are also kept busy (phew!), helping brands push out similar creative campaigns.

Besides curbing the spread of the coronavirus, staying home during this period ensures that our resources and frontline professionals are not overwhelmed because of the outbreak. Hence, a stay-home campaign brings about a stronger purpose for us today. 

As we have the perfect view of observing all the #StayHome campaigns at the comforts of our homes, we’ve decided to round them up for you. You’ll see the mainstream brands like Nike, our local courier services Poslaju and local telecommunications company Maxis in this too. Stay close for the deets! 

Nike – Play For The World

When you think of sports, it’s highly unlikely that you will be thinking Stay Home. But with two simple lines, Nike has promoted social distancing while aligning the message to its brand. 

“If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” 

Hinging on athletes’ dreams of representing their nation or playing for an international club, the ad resonates well with their target audience (i.e. athletes) around the world and, urges the public to spare a thought for everyone around them and stay at home.

The meaningful message was also shared by their athletes and ambassadors, which helped it to reach a global audience and positioned Nike as more than just a sports brand, but a brand that cares for the masses. 

What’s In It For Me: It doesn’t take extensive visual designs and animations to deliver a key across, sometimes all you need is an impactful messaging in your campaigns. (A few global influencers helps as well) 

Pos Laju & Shopee – Delivering Stay Home Essentials To You

A lockdown is difficult for Malaysians, but it’s a lot easier in this digital adage. Tapping on the existing platforms, the collaboration between Pos Laju and Shopee to launch the “Stay Home Essential” campaign was a godsend for those looking to get their essentials without travelling out and risking exposure.

Customers are able to order their daily necessities on the Shopee platform and use Pos Laju’s services for delivering to the comforts of their homes. The best part? They can get a discount on their orders with an Essential Voucher worth up to RM10, which only has a minimum order of RM15!

Amidst global stories of hoarding and mad rushes to supermarkets, this campaign acts as a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day and meets the needs of the people, by providing us with a safe and reliable alternative during the virus season.

What’s In It For Me: Look for strategic partners to collaborate with and find existing issues that your brand can solve. Having a successful co-branding partnership goes a long way in building up your brand. 

IKEA – A Message From Your Home

Home is like a refuge and a safe haven for us, and that’s exactly what is tapped on for IKEA’s Stay Home campaign —  a rather fitting message for the COVID-19 season, as staying home is akin to seeking refuge from the coronavirus.

Using simple shorts with emotional messaging, the short video depicts a message from your home on the little things and key moments in life that you live out at home, serving as a reminder of the importance of staying home. 

While it wasn’t difficult to align IKEA with home, a witty brand taking an emotional approach on a more serious topic was a breath of fresh air. 

What’s In It For Me: You don’t need complex animations for impactful video campaigns as long as you use representative visuals and strategic copywriting with a creative angle in your campaign. Also, find ways to align your brand nicely with existing issues. Reactive marketing campaigns can serve brands well in the social media era. 

Maxis – Stay Home For Free Data

There’s not a lot to do at home if you discount the usage of the Internet. With the Internet, on the other hand, unlocks limitless possibilities for things you can do: binge-watching your favourite K-Drama, getting a chicken dinner on Fortnite, PUBG or Rules of Survival, picking up new skills, grooving to some music, etc. (like we said, limitless).

I mean, we can’t exactly do our digital marketing or creative campaigns without the Internet, or even write this article in the first place.  

That’s why it was cool of local telecommunications brand Maxis to launch a Stay Home campaign for us Malaysians, allowing us to ‘Stay Home. Stay Connected. by providing free data of various perks to all of its users

  • Free 1GB every day for consumers between 8am to 6pm;
  • Free surfing of government and news sites;
  • Free 6 months on Maxis Managed UC phone system package;
  • Free 2 months on VoiceConnect App;
  • Free data usage for eKelas portal;
  • Free 20GB with every HotlinkMU purchases, etc;

Given the importance of the Internet in today’s digital world, a promotion like this is more than welcome. 

There’s also the campaign #KitaSapotKita that rallies Malaysians to inspire positivity to one another in the trying period. In this user-generated campaign, Maxis calls upon us to share videos online under this hashtag to see how best we can stay entertained, positive and productive even at home! Love this move. Nothing too gimicky, really. Besides, this tops doing aimless Tiktoks that gets you in hot soup, doesn’t it? 

What’s In It For Me: You don’t need complex animations for impactful video campaigns as long as you use representative visuals and strategic copywriting with a creative angle in your campaign. Also, find ways to align your brand nicely with existing issues. Reactive marketing campaigns can serve brands well in the social media era. It doesn’t always have to end in a conversion too. In challenging times like these, we’d say it’s the perfect time to communicate and foster the relationship with your audiences. Plus, it’s good for your branding as well. Win. 

Stay Creative As You Stay Home

No lockdown is going to stop us from developing creative campaigns that resonate with your target audience (thanks to the wonders of digital marketing and technologies). These campaigns are pretty much what a creative agency can do.

So, if you need a helping hand or a thinking mind to come up with a creative strategy for your brand, e-meet us and pick our brains to get your Stay Home campaign going for you. Drop us a note here today.

And for everyone’s sake, STAY HOME!

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