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4 Reasons Why You Need To Pay More Attention To UI/UX Design

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Like many successful businesses out there, understanding the needs and wants of your customers have been used to great effect. Placing an easily visible checkout button or a subtle arrow for the next page, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are more embedded in our daily lives than you think.

The best web design ensures the seamless integration of User Experience and User Interface which makes navigation intuitive to all users. 

  • Understanding your customers                                                                                                          

When trying to analyse your customers, go about it in a different way. Instead of asking why do they do this or that, consider the context in which they would go online and search for your product. This is called User Intent. Part of UX design is helping visitors discover what they want to know or purchase. To help visitors know what they want and don’t want, it is also important to have designers that are able to empathise and provide dynamic content, having been in the shoes of users.

  • Ease of information access

What is the point of having User Interface and User Experience? It is enabling your users to better process and understand information while catering to a wide range of audiences that will use your site. By focusing on the experience journey you provide to users, good user engagement is telling them a story about the product and then letting them decide whether they want to seek “professional help” or continue to read more. 

Another aspect is taking into account the diverse audience group that will visit your site. Good user experience also depends on how well the content architecture is able to effectively communicate information in a succinct way. 

  • Improved intuitive experience 

Have you ever left a website because of the awkward placement of buttons? 

Or how you couldn’t find certain information you wanted and it was not labelled under the relevant header? You’re not alone. These are some of the common website design trends to avoid when thinking of your new site.

UI and UX design are already playing such a huge role that in 2016, a survey of 408 companies about design found that the amount invested in UX design was related to the increase in sales. In addition, good website design can give you that extra edge by playing a key role in your business’s sales funnel.

  • Generates positive Returns On Investment

So now that might have thought about a new website, how soon will you see results? Factors like product quality and effective digital marketing efforts play an equally important role as well. A few things to note though, with good UI and UX design, customers can navigate your site easily while implementing good Information Architecture at the backend. Being user-friendly, customers are also less likely to get frustrated with the purchasing process which equates to higher sales conversions and improved user experience. 

Stand out among your competitors by engaging a web design agency with the knowledge and expertise that enhances your brand credibility and accentuate your brand positioning. 

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